30 Jul 2018

Meat Sheet no. 13 – beef topside for the Summer

It was only a couple of months ago that we did beef topside but although the sun had starte...
26 Jul 2018

Meat Sheet no.12 – Shoulder of Pork

If Coleman’s is the mustard the British Empire was built on, shoulder of pork has a s...
02 Jul 2018

Meat sheet No. 11 – Ben’s Farm Shop gammon

Over my years behind the butcher’s counter there have been many a time I’ve been asked what...
15 Jun 2018

Meat sheet No. 10 – Chicken Breast Fillet

Meat cut of the week – chicken breast fillet Chicken breast fillet might be the nation’s fa...
06 Jun 2018

Tapas To Go!

We’ve been having a bit of a refurb at the Wine & Tapas Bar to make the two upsta...
04 Jun 2018

Meat Sheet No. 9 – Leg of Lamb

We all know where leg of lamb comes from, what it looks like and, probably, how to cook it ...
30 May 2018

Treat yourself to pudding!

Still smarting from a ‘and don’t bother to ask for pudding’ review on the...
21 May 2018

Meat Sheet No. 8 – Beef Chuck for the BBQ

Chuck, normally sold as braising steak, is the group of muscles around the shoulder, to the...
15 May 2018

Free Range Pork

As the well informed and Radio 4 farming programme listeners (not necessarily the same thin...
15 May 2018

Raise a glass of English Fizz

There’s a bit of a do on this weekend – we’ll be open as usual for celebrators ...
08 May 2018

Meat Sheet No. 7 – Pork Tenderloin

When I started up back in the Jurassic age, pork tenderloin/fillet was all the rage. Chefs ...
21 Apr 2018

Meat Sheet No. 6 – Beef Topside

Coming up to St George’s Day (April 23rd) and British Beef Week (23rd-30th April) we though...
06 Apr 2018

Meat Sheet No. 5 – Porking out

Leg of pork is something of an anomaly. Somehow, it has become the nation’s favourite pork ...
03 Apr 2018

Aloe Vera is here

New in at our Staverton and Yealmpton shops are fresh aloe vera leaves! Put some natural sk...
29 Mar 2018

The art of smoking

Wild Smoked was born in Cornwall in 2016 and is the brainchild of Ross Waters, who began sm...
26 Mar 2018

Meat Sheet No. 4 – Sausages with Attitude

At BFS, we’ve always taken our sausages very seriously. Traditionally, apart from black and...
14 Mar 2018

Meet the butchers

We thought we’d introduce you to a few of our butchery team to celebrate National Butchers ...
13 Mar 2018

Spring wine offer

There’s a fair bit of Petit Verdot in this month’s selection. If you’re unfamiliar with it,...
13 Mar 2018

Guilt free Easter eggs

If you feel guilty about indulging in too much chocolate at Easter our range of eggs might ...
13 Mar 2018

Being realistic about bacon

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot drawing attention to ‘Yes, bacon really is killing...
12 Mar 2018

Meat Sheet No. 3 – Lamb Shoulder Steaks

Lamb shoulder is generally acknowledged to be sweeter and tastier than leg. The downside is...
28 Feb 2018

Why slow bread is better

We often hear people say they don’t eat bread because they are trying to be healthy, lose w...
26 Feb 2018

Meat Sheet No. 2 – Shin of Beef

Proper shin comes from the foreleg but, in practise, ‘leg’ from the bottom of the hind leg ...
15 Feb 2018

Two very different Bakewells

The news is full of links between so called ‘ultra-processed’ food and cancer, with another...
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