A Summer Cocktail Recipe : Sangria


We thought we would share Ben’s Sangria recipe as we are sure you will have happy memories…

“I remember sitting in a bar somewhere on Ibiza years ago and having a jug of sangria. It was so good we had to have another one so we could watch what he put in. I never quite got – or rather forgot – it but it went something like this:”

1 bottle of Molino Loco Monastrell

½ bottle of Molino Loco Rosado

50ml Spanish brandy

50ml Coffee Liqueur

50ml Orange liqueur

1 orange, sliced

1 lemon, sliced

500ml orangeade or lemonade.

More fruit – strawberries, peach, nectarine etc

Tall glasses and lots of ice

Soda water to top up (for the faint hearted.)

Most people put a bit of sugar in as well but that’s probably what gives it such an evil reputation – or it could be the brandy, Drambuie or Kahlua.

It’s definitely a good idea to mix the fruit and booze together ahead of time.