Smoked Chicken

smoked chicken with potato salad

We used to do this and it’s always been one of my favourites. The danger, as with all things chicken breast, is it cooking for a little too long and drying out.

Now, if I may say it myself, we’ve come up with a rather nifty way of doing this. We’re smoking the chicken at quite a low temperature to get the best flavour, and then poaching it in the bag, so it stays deliciously moist.

Because it’s sealed in a vacuum bag, it also has a long shelf life. The downside though, is that as it cooks a little liquid comes out into the bag, so it doesn’t look as attractive as we’d like.

Gannets feeding, but not on smoked chickenYou’ll have to vote with your wallets but it would be a shame if it doesn’t work because this tastes great. I used a recent family get-together as a test and it was like feeding the gannets. I couldn’t slice it fast enough.

Smoked chicken is perfect, easy summer grazing food. Try in salads (Caesar for example), sandwiches, pasta dishes, remoulades etc – or with one of our cheese gougeres.

We’ll be offering it through August for a bargain £19.95 a kilo. One generous sized chicken breast per pack for around £5-£6 depending on weight.

Click here for our smoked chicken and potato salad recipe.