Boxing Day delights

It’s easy to overlook Boxing Day with all the attention that is placed on the Christmas Day meal, but we’ve got some delicious treats lined up for a no-fuss lunch or supper that will delight all friends and visiting family.

Ben has made some stunning celebratory game pies which are in the shops now – and a real feast for all the senses! Buy a whole one for your Boxing Day meal and it will feed about 12-15 people or buy it by the slice.

The pie contains pheasant breast, turkey, venison, bacon and pork forcemeat in a hot water crust pastry, with spiced oranges and redcurrant, port and aspic jelly on top.

We are also doing whole cured and cooked hams this year – ready to eat cold or glaze yourself and bake (ready in 30 minutes). Simply unwrap them, coat with a glaze of your choice, bake and enjoy hot and then enjoy any leftovers cold.

And last but not least Ben’s hand made pork pies, made with hot water crust pastry and aspic jelly in our farm kitchen. You definitely don’t have to wait for Boxing Day to enjoy these.

You can enjoy all these treats in our cafés, which will both be open from December 28th to New Year. We’ve got all the nosh for a late breakfast, brunch or Boxing Day style lunch so whether your cure for a thick head is a Full English or a walk on the moor to work up an appetite for lunch, our Farm Shop cafés should fit the bill perfectly.