Guilt free Easter eggs

If you feel guilty about indulging in too much chocolate at Easter our range of eggs might help. These hand-painted papier maché eggs from Booja Booja are made in Kashmir and contain a selection of Booja-Booja dairy free, gluten free, vegan chocolate truffles.

If you haven’t had them before, don’t assume that because it is vegan the chocolate will be inferior to what you are used to! The hazelnut crunch truffles in one of these eggs won the Good Housekeeping 2018 Easter Egg taste test – a blind taste test that included 142 eggs!

Production of the painted eggs secures a living for Kashmiri artists and keeps alive their painting tradition.

We also have a range of eggs from Divine – the world’s only 100% Fairtrade chocolate company. Some eggs are hollow, others contain mini eggs and we have mini salted caramel and speckled eggs in bags – perfect for Easter egg hunts!

Rest assured as you enjoy your chocolate that your purchase is directly helping the family farmers in Ghana who grow the cacao, and who also own a share of Divine. The Fairtrade premium they receive each year has built schools in villages, installed water and sanitation and improved healthcare provision for the cocoa farmers.

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