At the Farm Shop we don’t treat cooking as a precise science, nor are we trying to give a comprehensive list of recipes. These are some of our favourite dishes and we hope you’ll give some of them a try. They’ve worked for us on countless occasions but that doesn’t mean, with a bit of imagination and a few tweaks, they can’t be improved. Good luck.
Creamy GuacamoleBy JessHere's our take on the traditional guacamole. These buttery avocados are mashed into guacamole with fragrant coriander, a hint of chilli spice, and a burst of zesty lime juice. Just a few ingredients are all you need to make the best guacamole, perfect as a side dish or dip.
Grilled vegetablesBy JessGreat as an antipasti but grilling vegetables is a lot harder than people think as you don’t want overly raw vegetables as much as you don’t want soggy ones.
King Oyster Mushrooms with Herb ButterBy JessThe hearty texture of king oyster mushrooms makes them ideal for grilling over high heat. They turn crisp and golden on the outside while remaining firm and chewy inside, with impressive char lines. This simple method adds rich, savoury BBQ flavours to a vegan dish.
Nduja TagliatelleBy Ben WatsonA quick & simple pasta dish ideal for a mid-week dinner, using our nduja jam and pomarola sauce with roasted courgettes and broad beans.
Hot Cross Bun & Lemon Curd PuddingBy Ben WatsonUsing a good dollop of our lemon marmalade and lemon curd, this recipe will turn your excess of leftover hot cross buns into a delicious dessert this Easter.
Lemon Meringue PieBy Ben WatsonOur take on the traditional lemon meringue pie. A great way to use up a handful of lemons when you have a glut...just as we did when our friends La Montesina, based in Valencia had a bumper lemon harvest.
Lemon & Tarragon ChickenBy Ben WatsonChicken with lemon and tarragon; was one of my mother’s favourite 'easy win' showstoppers and much appreciated whenever it surfaced. The triumvirate of ingredients has a definite holistic value – greatly improved by the addition of a sliced lemon, as well as the juice, to the mix. You don’t have to eat the charred lemon but the zesty, pithy flavours will leach into the sauce and chicken anyway.
SalmoriglioBy Ben WatsonAn extremely versatile sauce, this traditional Italian condiment can be used for anything from a marinade or dressing and is a a common accompaniment to seafood, meat or vegetable dishes. If you're intending on making a batch to keep in the fridge, we recommend using two parts sunflower oil to one part olive oil to prevent the sauce solidifying. If it's a bit lemony, add a bit of chilli and parsley to round out the flavours.
Duck fatteeBy Ben WatsonA traditional Lebanese dish, usually made for celebrations, duck fattee offers an incredibly colourful display of pomegranate seeds, yoghurt, parsley, chickpeas, rice and duck, It's a great, slightly informal, alternative to a traditional Easter (or Christmas) roast, Normally served with toasted flatbreads, it's one big sharing plate; sure to wow family and guests alike. Any slow-cooked meat works well from chicken to lamb, but we think the delectably gamey and fattiness of duck really sings.
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