At the Farm Shop we don’t treat cooking as a precise science. Nor are we trying to give a comprehensive list of recipes. These are some of our favourite dishes and we hope you’ll give some of them a try. They’ve worked for us on countless occasions but that doesn’t mean, with a bit of imagination and a few tweaks, they can’t be improved. Good luck and enjoy your cooking and eating.
Ben’s Wine & Tapas’ Vegan CaponataBy Ben WatsonThe tapas bar have been playing around with their version of caponata as a summer special and have settled on an eclectic mix, using seaweed powder and fermented bean paste (instead of anchovies) to keep it vegan. We make the agrodolce tomato sauce and add the aubergine and other vegetables as needed and there's no reason why you can't do this at home. One batch should keep you going all summer! 
Elizabeth David’s CaponataBy Ben WatsonAlong with Tuscan Panzanella, Sicilian Caponata is a good way of pulling any mezze or antipasti style meal together and, as such and given how long it keeps, should have a berth in everyone’s fridge through the summer. Most people don’t see caponata as a pickle but it ticks most of the boxes.
Baba GanoushBy Ben WatsonWhether grilled, charred or cooked on an open-flame, 'smokiness' is what defines this classic mezze dish. There are many ways to skin an aubergine and it seems to be the fiddlier and messier, the better the result.
Rowley Leigh’s CaponataBy Ben WatsonTraditionally a Sicilian dish, caponata can be found in numerous variations of chopped aubergines, celery, capers and with older versions that even include cocoa powder. Although, this could be a step too far. Last July, chef Rowley Leigh hosted a Summer Feast with us and he opened with his classic caponata recipe served alongside our charcuterie.
Rhubarb lemonadeBy Ben WatsonArguably the most versatile of of vegetables, I’m a big fan of all things rhubarb; from chutney to savoury compot to crumble to frangipane to bottling to my own rhubarb lemonade.
Peppered Cider Apple CheeseBy Pam the JamBlack pepper is something we take very much for granted but it is a special ingredient, which comes from a flowering vine that grows in tropical regions. When harvested the small green fruits are briefly cooked and this turns them black. They are then dried and exported around the world. My speckly apple cheese is a wonderful way to celebrate this wonderful spice; I love serving it with hand-crafted mature Cheddar.
Mojo VerdeBy Ben WatsonGreen sauce seems to be a concept that has travelled the world, adapting to local ingredients wherever it goes. They’d all go well with griddled or barbecued king oyster mushrooms but the one we use is more akin to a mojo verde.
Bergamot lemon marmaladeBy Ben WatsonPam “the jam” Corbin kindly allowed us to use this recipe from her most recent book. I’ve tried it as is and with half bergamots/half lemons. Next time I thought I might try adding a couple of Earl Grey teabags somewhere en route.
Chocolate & Marmalade CantucciniBy Ben WatsonIf all else fails, there’s always the old chocolate and orange combo. Like chocolate and raspberry, it never fails. They keep forever so they’re worth making in bulk. Our recipe came from the excellent Frances Bissell’s Times Cook Book as, in fact, have many of our recipes. Sadly, I don’t think it is still in print.
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