Gin and Vodka from Chase Distillery in Hereford

Chase Distillery

After setting up, and selling, Tyrrells Chips, the man with the Midas touch, William Chase (a.k.a the Golden Potato) started the country’s first single estate vodka distillery.

With one or two, often not very notorious (on quality grounds) exceptions, the countries artisan spirit renaissance is fuelled by 100% proof grain alcohol from Eastern Europe, available (excluding duty) for about 60p a litre. I wouldn’t mind betting that avid Brexiteers who are refusing to buy Spanish tomatoes, don’t know that when they sit down with their G & T sundowner.

At Chase Distillery, they make it themselves by fermenting a sort of potato beer and weak cider from home grown spuds and apples of course. Then it’s distilled, ‘topped and tailed’ to remove the impurities, multiple times for the smoothest, creamiest vodkas and distinctive gins.

As multiple prizes at the world’s most prestigious competitions show – they’re the best and we’re selling them.

A 70cl bottle of GB gin is £32.50 and 50cls of Potato Vodka is £22.75.

Like us, they’re a bit quirky and we lov’em


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