Tuscan Roast Duck for Easter

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April 15, 2019

Take the plunge and look beyond leg of lamb this Easter. Instead, how about opting for roast duck? It's rich, tasty and simple - it's hard to go far wrong, even for the most reluctant of chefs. Our free range ducks naturally pair well with an orange/ cherry palette. But if you fancy veering away from that, this Tuscan style recipe is a surefire winner. Stuffed with a pork, fennel seed and garlic mixture and roasted over potato boulangère, it's a low input, impressive Easter lunch.

Better still, the leftovers make for mouthwatering calzone or empanadas the next day.


1 whole duck

2 tbsp olive oil

1 large onion

6 garlic cloves

250 g diced pancetta, salami, lardons or streaky bacon off cuts

1 tbsp fennel seeds

salt and pepper, to taste

500 ml chicken stock


1Sauté the onion in the olive oil until soft.

2Chop the duck liver and heart and add to the pan with the onions and chopped garlic. Cook for another five minutes.

3Meanwhile, with a pestle and mortar, coarsely grind the fennel seed and add salt and pepper.

4Add the fennel mix and the diced cured pork of your choice to the onion mixture.

5Place the duck on a trivet on the draining board and pour boiling water over inside and out, then pat dry.

6Fill the cavity of the duck with the stuffing mixture, taking care to close the opening with kitchen thread. Salt and pepper the outside of the duck as well and then place on a rack over a roasting tray of sliced potatoes and onions.

7Add the chicken stock and roast at 150°C for about two and a half hours. The potatoes will take longer , so carefully remove the duck and cover with foil.

8When the potatoes are done, take out of the oven and turn up to 225°C. Remove the foil then reheat the duck for ten minutes to crisp up the skin. Serve with all of the usual Sunday roast trimmings.

9If there are any leftovers, pick the meat off the bone, chop and mix with any stuffing that's also left over.Chop a couple of plum tomatoes (tinned are fine) and sauté until reasonably dry. Add about 15 stoned, chopped Gordal olives, 30 mls of sweet anisette (pastis, ouzo etc - there's always something at the back of the cupboard) and about 500g of the duck/stuffing mix. Make into calzone (folded pizzas) with standard pizza dough or empanadas (see https://bensfarmshop.co.uk/recipe/crab-chorizo-empanadas/ for the pastry recipe)