10 Apr 2024

Nduja Tagliatelle

A quick & simple pasta dish ideal for a mid-week dinner, using our nduja jam and pomaro...
02 Jan 2024

Ben’s Farm Shop Nduja Jam

A deliciously addictive spreadable spicy salami that you can make at home. Try with honey o...
28 Nov 2023

Ham With Marmalade

One of our most successful creations of the last few years has been our 'Ham with no n...
02 Nov 2023

Sausage & borlotti bean risotto

A robust and hearty meal ideal for the winter months, this risotto is pure comfort food and...
27 Apr 2023

Nduja, Ricotta & Onion Tart

A French onion tart, cooled but still warm out of the oven, is a truly wondrous thing. Hail...
06 Apr 2023

Chinese Style Meatballs

Beyond the holistic perfection of leek and potato soup, I don’t have much appetite for the ...
28 Oct 2022

Panissa alla Vercellese

A classic nose to tail Piedmontese risotto. Harry and I cooked this in preparation for our ...
31 Jan 2021

Tasty BBQ spiced pork ribs, punched potatoes and slaw

Potentially one of the more messy valentines meals you’ll eat and potentially reserved for ...
28 Jan 2019

Puerco de la Costa with Pineapple

In Mexico there are whole genres of pork and pineapple recipes that come under the rather b...
26 Jul 2018

Pork spare ribs with pears and Stilton butter

They're good fried, barbecued or grilled but can also be cooked in the oven, The ingre...
16 Jan 2017

Fabada Asturiana

Serves:8 Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 3-4 hours
04 Nov 2016

Pork Involtini

We call them olives, the Italians call them involtini and the Americans and Australians, ca...