12 Jun 2024

Creamy Guacamole

Here's our take on the traditional guacamole. These buttery avocados are mashed into g...
22 May 2024

Grilled vegetables

Great as an antipasti but grilling vegetables is a lot harder than people think as you don’...
21 May 2024

King Oyster Mushrooms with Herb Butter

The hearty texture of king oyster mushrooms makes them ideal for grilling over high heat. T...
10 Apr 2024

Nduja Tagliatelle

A quick & simple pasta dish ideal for a mid-week dinner, using our nduja jam and pomaro...
29 Feb 2024

Lemon & Tarragon Chicken

Chicken with lemon and tarragon; was one of my mother’s favourite 'easy win' show...
27 Feb 2024

Duck fattee

A traditional Lebanese dish, usually made for celebrations, duck fattee offers an incredibl...
12 Feb 2024

Tagliata di Manzo with winter leaves

Sliced sirloin steak served on a bed of rocket with Parmesan shavings and jus - perfect for...
26 Jan 2024

Fish Bouillabaisse

An uber simple bouillabaisse suggestion of the classic French seafood dish; made easy when ...
02 Jan 2024

Ben’s Farm Shop Nduja Jam

A deliciously addictive spreadable spicy salami that you can make at home. Try with honey o...
28 Nov 2023

Ham With Marmalade

One of our most successful creations of the last few years has been our 'Ham with no n...
21 Nov 2023

Nut Roast Galette

The ubiquitous BFS nut roast is available all year, but it does come into its own at Christ...
02 Nov 2023

Sausage & borlotti bean risotto

A robust and hearty meal ideal for the winter months, this risotto is pure comfort food and...
19 Oct 2023

Cotechino with lentils & salsa verde

Hailing from the Modena region, this classic Italian dish is traditionally served on New Y...
20 Jul 2023

Taco Esquites

Our take on the classic Mexican street salad but this time in a taco - using sweetcorn, fet...
23 Jun 2023


Here's our take on a slightly less traditional Spanish Salmorejo using Brindisa's...
27 Apr 2023

Nduja, Ricotta & Onion Tart

A French onion tart, cooled but still warm out of the oven, is a truly wondrous thing. Hail...
06 Apr 2023

Chinese Style Meatballs

Beyond the holistic perfection of leek and potato soup, I don’t have much appetite for the ...
25 Jan 2023

Lily Watson’s Whipped Tofu with Harissa Butter

Daughter Lily has been vegan for many years, so I thought she might be better advised than ...
28 Nov 2022

Mayo-Roasted (a month after) Thanksgiving Turkey with Gravy

Time: about 2 hours, plus overnight dry-briningSome recipes for mayo-roasted turkey pro...
16 Nov 2022

Simple Fish Soup with Sofrito

I’m never sure where a fish soup crosses the line and becomes a bouillabaisse but suspect t...
28 Oct 2022

Panissa alla Vercellese

A classic nose to tail Piedmontese risotto. Harry and I cooked this in preparation for our ...
30 Jun 2022

Rowley Leigh’s Frittedda

Frittedda is a tasty vegetable stew originating in the Sicilian capital, Palermo. Prepared ...
21 Jun 2022

Ruth Rae’s Broad Bean and Goats Cheese Pâté

Edgy Veggie is a vegetarian and vegan takeaway that took off during lockdown and has since ...
24 May 2022

Elizabeth David’s Caponata

Along with Tuscan Panzanella, Sicilian Caponata is a good way of pulling any mezze or antip...
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