Chicken and poultry

Tuscan Roast Duck for Easter

Take the plunge and look beyond leg of lamb this Easter. Instead, how about opting for roast duck? It's rich, ...

Smoked Chicken and Potato Salad

A simple lunch or easy supper that is quick to make and shows off our delicious smoked chicken.

Fabada Asturiana

Tapas come in many guises, from simple tortilla to London-centric ‘picture on a plate’ restaurant creations but oft...

Tandori Chicken & Squash

Baked harissa chicken with butternut squash.

Butter Chicken Curry

A mild and buttery, creamy chicken curry.

Risi e Bisi e Runner Beans

In it’s pure Venetian form, Risi e Bisi is a wet risotto of rice (obviously), smoked pancetta (usually), the best c...