16 Jan 2019

Kefir Master Class with blogger Tiffany Jesse

Does sauerkraut send you into a frenzy? Or maybe you don’t know your kefir from your ...
Event Date: February 4th - 3:00 pm
07 Dec 2018

Mince Pies and good palm fats – an update

With our mince pies flying off the shelves at this time of year, we inevitably face questio...
03 Dec 2018

Paying us a visit over the festive season – Christmas opening hours

Friday 21st Dec – All shops open as usual Saturday 22nd Dec – Staverton & Y...
03 Dec 2018

Christmas Order Forms

This year as well as our traditional butchery order form, we’ve decided to add in one...
12 Nov 2018

Feeling Festive – our first Christmas brochure is here.

This year, we’ve gone all out and embarked on our very first Christmas brochure. We s...
07 Nov 2018

Meat Sheet no.18 Pheasant

Harvest is in, the clocks have changed and salads, picnics and outdoor dining are over for ...
22 Oct 2018

Stop picking on farmers

Does anyone else feel that since the release a few week’s ago of the UN Intergovernme...
22 Oct 2018

Meat Sheet no. 17 Ben’s Farm Shop breakfast sausages

If there’s a dish, For which I wish More frequent than the rest, If there’s a f...
28 Sep 2018

Meat Sheet no.16 Mutton (dressed as mutton) – growing old gracefully

With Prince Charles, Hugh FW and any number of of famous chefs among its members , the mutt...
12 Sep 2018

Meat Sheet no. 15 Organic Beef Mince

We’ve gone about as simple as we can this time – with our organic minced beef. ...
16 Aug 2018

Meat Sheet no.14 Leg of Lamb – fast or slow?

Seems, very much, to be the culinary meat question of our time. When peripatetic charcuteri...
30 Jul 2018

Meat Sheet no. 13 – beef topside for the Summer

It was only a couple of months ago that we did beef topside but although the sun had starte...
26 Jul 2018

Meat Sheet no.12 – Shoulder of Pork

If Coleman’s is the mustard the British Empire was built on, shoulder of pork has a s...
02 Jul 2018

Meat sheet No. 11 – Ben’s Farm Shop gammon

Over my years behind the butcher’s counter there have been many a time I’ve been asked what...
15 Jun 2018

Meat sheet No. 10 – Chicken Breast Fillet

Meat cut of the week – chicken breast fillet Chicken breast fillet might be the nation’s fa...
06 Jun 2018

Tapas To Go!

We’ve been having a bit of a refurb at the Wine & Tapas Bar to make the two upsta...
04 Jun 2018

Meat Sheet No. 9 – Leg of Lamb

We all know where leg of lamb comes from, what it looks like and, probably, how to cook it ...
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