Move out the way Dad, it’s time for the next generation to move in!

If, by any chance, you’ve missed Ben, in the shops – here we are together.

We’re the same height and have the same voice, but the resemblance runs deeper.  I’ve worked in the shops, with a few spells away (in Australia, New Zealand and Bristol), since I was thirteen. Like him, I’ve been brought up in a family that takes its food seriously and he has passed on his love of good food and wine – not just cooking, eating and drinking, but also how it’s grown and processed. Although we don’t always see eye to eye, it’s a broad church and a disagreement can only lead to constructive improvement.

Now we’re putting all this to good use with a new venture on Totnes High Street, Ben’s Wine & Tapas, and we hope that it will be a real success!

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