A new offering to our business. After a year of being cooped up inside, we wanted to celebrate the outdoors and what better way than with our love of barbecue.

So, who is Harry you ask? If you are familiar with our Tapas bar in Totnes you may have heard of Harry running the show over there.
Being the son of Ben, Harry has been a very active member of the farm shops since he was a boy. Leading the team at the Smokehouse, Harry pushes his passion for food cooked on open fire. So, it was only logical to be named after him.

Harry’s Smokehouse is a showcase of the products that we make and sell. Meat from our butchery, local veg, our ice cream and it also gives us the opportunity to show off some of our other products too (the cucumber pickle is a must!).

Keep an eye out for pop-up events and live music. The Smokehouse is located in the field next door to our Staverton farm shop.

Contact Details
Ben’s Farm Shop,
Totnes, Devon


Any enquiries, please phone:


May opening hours

(*weather dependent – however this year we have invested in a marquee so you can enjoy the Smokehouse while the grass is being watered)

Getting ready for the summer, we are currently recruiting and are only open for limited days at the moment. Please bear with us and you will be provided with more Smokehouse very soon!


Smokehouse Menu

This is a sample menu and can be subject to change depending on seasonality. Specials will also be available on a daily basis.

Upcoming Events

Bank Holiday weekend (28th-30th August) we will be hosting a big Jamaican bbq party at Harry’s Smokehouse by our Staverton Shop. If steel bands and Red Stripe is your thing, you’ll probably have to head up to Notting Hill Carnival but there be rum a-plenty and the food will knock your socks off.

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