Keep Warm With Our Hygge Fuel!

Staverton customers might have noticed a better range of firewood, kindling, composite logs and our new, all singing and dancing band, ‘The Brackettes’. Featured on Countryfile, made from bracken collected from various Westcountry moorlands, they’re the ultimate in sustainable fuel. They burn hotter than dry oak and leave a very cosy ‘hygge’ smell in the room. What more can you ask for?

My brother, Oliver, keen as ever on his farm diversification, as well as planting thousands of trees on the farm, has rented out a barn to a start-up sawmill run by local timber guru, Zav Bowden. His kindling and offcuts are available in bags at Staverton and we’re planning on getting them down to Yealmpton soon. For serious timber enquirers, contact Dart Valley Timber, 07976 572064. On the subject of Yealmpton, plans are afoot to rebuild the conservatory in January. We’re not yet sure how disruptive this will be but it will be worth it for a warm, leak free building. To compensate for any inconvenience we’re happy to offer quadruple points on your cards while the work is going on. Call it a January sale. In the same vein, at Staverton, Riverford Bridge is going to be closed for road works for a few weeks from early January which will make getting to the shop difficult so, again, we’ll be offering quadruple points while things are disrupted.