08 Jun 2022

Fishy tales – saltimbocca fish fingers

Unquestionably, the best thing would be a ten-year moratorium on catching anything but that...
18 Sep 2019

Much more than Rioja – the inspiration behind this month’s wine club.

In response to vociferous customer demand for more Rioja (we listen), September’s win...
01 Feb 2019

Less plastic is fantastic – NEW beeswax food wraps

As a business, we’re always on the lookout for solutions to tackle the single use pla...
03 Apr 2018

Aloe Vera is here

New in at our Staverton and Yealmpton shops are fresh aloe vera leaves! Put some natural sk...
29 Mar 2018

The art of smoking

Wild Smoked was born in Cornwall in 2016 and is the brainchild of Ross Waters, who began sm...
13 Mar 2018

Guilt free Easter eggs

If you feel guilty about indulging in too much chocolate at Easter our range of eggs might ...
28 Feb 2018

Why slow bread is better

We often hear people say they don’t eat bread because they are trying to be healthy, lose w...
14 Feb 2018

Hodmedod’s are here

Hodmedod is an east Anglian dialect word, used to mean hedgehog in Norfolk and snail in Suf...
15 Nov 2017

Christmas wine cases – our top picks

We’ve put together six mixed, themed wine cases to help you choose your drinks for th...
10 Oct 2017

October Wine Offer – eight wines to enjoy

We have eight new wines on offer for October – and we’re offering 10% off any t...
08 Aug 2017

It’s cider, but not as you know it

I’m usually talking about wine but moving away from the grape and over to the apple w...
01 Aug 2017

Smoked Chicken

We used to do this and it’s always been one of my favourites. The danger, as with all thing...
25 Jul 2017

Great ice cream, but not as you know it

It’s been a good summer so far for ice cream lovers – long sunny days when there is little ...
07 Jul 2017

La Jara Frizzante Rosato NV Italy is Available Now

The La Jara Frizzante Rosato NV Italy (£10.75 with 5% discount when you buy 6 bottles or mo...
22 Jun 2017

Four Fruit Marmalade

I’m a confirmed marmalade addict so many won’t share the anguish that I went through when m...
22 Jun 2017

New Beers from Hepworth Brewery and Adnams of Southwold

Ale-ites amongst you might have noticed some new beers in the house. We’ve gone a lit...
22 Jun 2017

New Slaws from Hurly Burly Foods in London

You’d have to bury your head in the sand not to have noticed that 2017 is the year of the f...
27 Apr 2017

Ben’s Devon Steak Pasties are Coming!

As some of you might know, our pasties are no longer available through the veg box scheme. ...
27 Apr 2017

The rise of British charcuterie

We’ve also been making a few salamis. It’s still very much work in progress but everybody s...
19 Apr 2017

New Portuguese wines – Quinta das Maias Tinto and Branco

We have a couple of new Portuguese wines in the shops and BWT that I’m quite excited about....
16 Feb 2017

Plastic Dilemma

Thanks to Lucy Siegle for highlighting the plastic dilemma in her Observer column. It’s suc...
31 Jan 2017

Move out the way Dad, it’s time for the next generation to move in!

If, by any chance, you’ve missed Ben, in the shops – here we are together. We’re the same h...
24 Nov 2016

Quadruple Points…

Plans are afoot to rebuild the conservatory at Yealmpton in January. We’re not yet sure how...
10 Aug 2016

Dina Bakery flat breads and wraps

They’re such an important food tool that we had to have the best. Tired of leathery f...
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