Meat Sheets

08 May 2018

Meat Sheet No. 7 – Pork Tenderloin

When I started up back in the Jurassic age, pork tenderloin/fillet was all the rage. Chefs ...
21 Apr 2018

Meat Sheet No. 6 – Beef Topside

Coming up to St George’s Day (April 23rd) and British Beef Week (23rd-30th April) we though...
06 Apr 2018

Meat Sheet No. 5 – Porking out

Leg of pork is something of an anomaly. Somehow, it has become the nation’s favourite pork ...
26 Mar 2018

Meat Sheet No. 4 – Sausages with Attitude

At BFS, we’ve always taken our sausages very seriously. Traditionally, apart from black and...
12 Mar 2018

Meat Sheet No. 3 – Lamb Shoulder Steaks

Lamb shoulder is generally acknowledged to be sweeter and tastier than leg. The downside is...
26 Feb 2018

Meat Sheet No. 2 – Shin of Beef

Proper shin comes from the foreleg but, in practise, ‘leg’ from the bottom of the hind leg ...
07 Feb 2018

Meat Sheet No. 1 – Minced Pork

Minced Pork for Chinese New Year We all use minced beef but, for some unfathomable reason, ...