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02 Aug 2022

August News

Ben debates bacon, shares a polytunnel pesto and his lack of trust in Truss – it̵...
08 Jun 2022

Fishy tales – saltimbocca fish fingers

Unquestionably, the best thing would be a ten-year moratorium on catching anything but that...
02 Jun 2022

June News

A Jubilant English fizz, best BBQ cuts and a Sicilian caponata.
21 Feb 2022

February News

Green Ketchup, A Ham with No Name, and Porridge Traumas. No, this isn’t a Dr. Seuss b...
19 Aug 2021

Booze, schmooze and Smokehouse news

With wine sales continuing to go uppity up-up and it becoming obvious that what’s good for ...
08 Jan 2021

Let’s get smoky

By Ben Watson. BBQ & Ice Cream Work has started on ‘Harry’s Smokehouse’ and...
26 Nov 2020

Good Business

By Greg Morgan. Little steps in the right direction I joined Ben’s in 2013 and never looked...
17 Nov 2020

The challenges of ‘local’ food

By Guy Singh-Watson Making a living from growing veg even on a medium scale is challenging ...
08 Jul 2020

Churchtown moves towards wilder farming

Bold changes are coming to Churchtown Farm – for twenty five plus years, principle supplier...
01 Jul 2019

Bottoms Up! Ben’s Booze News for July.

When it rains it pours. I’d just got back from my wine jolly to Sicily when the phone rings...
02 May 2019

Ben’s Wine & Tapas Booze News

Our first ‘tell us what you think so you can help us chose which new wines to stock’ tastin...
01 Feb 2019

Less plastic is fantastic – NEW beeswax food wraps

As a business, we’re always on the lookout for solutions to tackle the single use pla...
01 Feb 2019

Plastics Update

As a business, we’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce our inclusion of single...
07 Dec 2018

Christmas 2018: Mince Pies and good palm fats – an update

With our mince pies flying off the shelves at this time of year, we inevitably face questio...
22 Oct 2018

Stop picking on farmers

Does anyone else feel that since the release a few week’s ago of the UN Intergovernme...
15 May 2018

Raise a glass of English Fizz

There’s a bit of a do on this weekend – we’ll be open as usual for celebrators ...
13 Mar 2018

Being realistic about bacon

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot drawing attention to ‘Yes, bacon really is killing...
15 Feb 2018

Two very different Bakewells

The news is full of links between so called ‘ultra-processed’ food and cancer, with another...
15 Jan 2018

Ben’s take on Veganuary

Veganuary will be over soon but, let’s not kid ourselves, things aren’t going to return to ...
15 Jan 2018

The minefield that is food packaging

As a business we are constantly striving to do our bit to cut carbon emissions and reduce w...
28 Nov 2017

Festive goodies

Without the stress of making thousands of organic mince pies for the Riverford veg boxes, w...
30 Oct 2017

The grass is greener – or is it?

It seems ‘grass fed’ is becoming more and more of a buzzword – used at every opportun...
10 Oct 2017

Prices and provenance

Pass the butter please – if you’re lucky enough to have any. Now that we’ve all accep...
01 Sep 2017

The peril of wellness diets

The other summer food news that won’t go away seems to have been around the perils of so-ca...
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