Brown Cow Yoghurt

Brown Cow Organics Jersey milk yoghurt from Somerset is the latest addition to our chiller cabinets. For once I agree with Hugh FW that it is the best ever and because they don’t use any thickening skimmed milk powder, it really is a product of the farm.

Come and try some on June 13th when we’ll be offering tasters as part of this year’s Wake Up To Organic celebration!

The delicious live organic yoghurt is made on the farm, only using the naturally creamy, 5% fat milk produced by a herd of organic grass-fed Guernsey cows.

It was recognised last year at the Quality Food Awards, with no less than three awards.

The yoghurts come in two sizes (single portion and family sized tubs) and some original flavours, including butterscotch, coconut, dark cherry and ginger, as well as vanilla, blueberry and raspberry. They are packaged in fully recyclable and re-usable pots with lids.

“Our organic Guernsey herd milk is totally natural, non-homogenised, contains only 5% fat, is rich in Omega 3s and other trace elements and contains only A2 type of beta-casein protein,” says Brown Cow Organics.  “By choosing organic milk you can cut saturated fats by 30-50 % and still get the same intake of beneficial fatty acids so is a better quality option for you.”