West of Madrid wine tasting

Portuguese wine expert Raymond Reynolds will be holding court in the wine bar on the evening of October 11th.

Join us for a fun, interactive tasting evening with Raymond. He’s one of the nicest people in the wine business – which wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans if it wasn’t for his commitment to, and knowledge of, Portuguese wine. He was born and grew up there, became a qualified winemaker in Bordeaux in 1982 and now imports wine to the UK from 26 estates.

My enthusiasm for the subject shows no signs of abating and I can’t deny being a little jealous of Raymond’s teenage Septembers, crushing grapes in the port lagares*. Beats mucking out the pigs every time.

Raymond will be showing, and talking about wines from the Dao (Maias and Mouraz) and the Alentejo (Herdade Sao Miguel). He’s also responsible for my favourite Jara Rock Rose Garnacha and a cracking new organic Verdejo from Vinedos Verderrubi so we’ll be sampling those too. Discover some new wines and what food to pair them with.

I think we’ll call it ‘West of Madrid’ and keep our options open for a few surprise guests. Tickets are £25 – to include a Portuguese themed supper. Buy your tickets here.

*The lagares are the traditional granite treading tanks where grapes were crushed by foot. These days modern mechanical lagares are taking over.